Tuesday, October 09, 2007

RIAA: 1, radiohead & NIN: ??

Inscrutable Chinese Man approached me at my desk during lunch yesterday, while everyone else was out.
- you don't do any P2P at home, do you?
- P2P?
- peer-to-peer file sharing. like kazaa.
- no.
- good. because some woman was just fined 22 thousand dollars by RIAA for sharing 24 songs.
fucking RIAA. it's the bully everybody loves to hate on, but it's also deserving of derision because it's reflexively fighting medusa: every time it attacks someone small, like the single mother of 2 who shared her journey and green day songs, another 10 nodes will pop up on limewire. RIAA refuses to acknowledge it's fighting an old battle in a new space.

- well, what do you think of radiohead, and their new business model? - i asked him. radiohead recently announced that their new album will be available online for whatever you, the consumer, wish to pay. even if that's zero zilch nada.
-- i would pay the least possible amount, of course, if i paid at all. that's Inscrutable Chinese Man, paragon of rationality and spendthriftness. then he surprises me. - but music is art, and who is to determine the value of art? your concept of art may be very different from mine.
-- so, would you pay top-dollar for a video game you really enjoyed? ICM has a penchant for military combat games, like Gears and Splinter Cell, except he plays them with all the cheat codes he can find because for him the release and the glory comes from wreaking as much havoc as possible. if he were marion jones, he'd be doping on THG, human growth hormone, EPO AND peeps.
-- well, first i would ask myself, could i get these hours of enjoyment from something free? if not, then i would pay the money - well, at least i've exacted from him a small concession - but i would not pay for music. i don't even listen to music in the car. i listen to PRI, because i like its news, which is not so US-centric and gives you a world perspective that you don't see on TV.
well, people WILL surprise you. for all his railing against Apple and the rights of the individual vs the collective (two arguments emerging from the same kernel in my mind), i always thought ICM listened to chairman mao and steve balmer during his commute. turns out he might be human and open-minded after all.

will radiohead's new business model succeed? though i'm not a fan of the music i do respect the band, so i might pay a base price to see if thom yorke's gotten any less whiney and spine-tightening. OTOH, if i knew my money were going straight to the artists i really love, i would dole out at least $30 for an album; maybe even $100 if it would help set up renholder with some more preamps and twisted Pro Tools plugins.

trent reznor announced yesterday (thx paulio) that he's effectively going off the grid because 18 years have gotten him to the point where he's now free of any kind of recording contract. like radiohead, he's a free agent and, he says,

it gives me great pleasure to be able to finally have a direct relationship with the audience as I see fit and appropriate. Look for some announcements in the near future regarding 2008.
Exciting times, indeed.
maybe this country isn't fucked.

for RIAA: the day the whole world went away, live and acoustic. if you think trent's all fistfuck and fishnet, this is for you too.


fatmammycat said...

That's going on the pod. Cheers, fight the power!

finn said...

shuffling pod served me an incongruous song on the treadmill this morning: Hurt. sounds weird, but the time matched my stride perfectly, and it was almost uplifting -- but that might have much to do with having disentangled it from memories of the psycho ex. a mental victory.

what is your favorite brand of rum, fatcat?

fatmammycat said...

Havana 7, I'd cheerfully lick it off a scabby leg.

finn said...

even amy whinehouse's scabby leg?

fatmammycat said...

Especially hers.

finn said...

even while she's singing "rehab"?

come now, there must be a limit to your depravity.

fatmammycat said...

I'd suck it straight from Amy's mouth while she paused for breath mid chorus during an especially 'jazzy' version of rehab, making sure I got those particularly rummy bits in the gaps between her teeth. I might need a filter, tetanus shot and more than one slice of lime, but I'd do it.
You don't want to raise this bar miss Finn, there is no limit to either my love of the rum or the fetid pools of depravity that lurk surprisingly near the surface of my mind.

finn said...

you make a fine pair.

fatmammycat said...

And we'd get two for one on the fleas dips.
Huzzahs all round.
A lovely lady on my site just said jellybabies and gummie bears are as good as gels. I am experiencing a high I didn't think possible without morphine. Now those I can do.

Twenty Major said...

I'd suck it straight from Amy's mouth while she paused for breath mid chorus during an especially 'jazzy' version of rehab, making sure I got those particularly rummy bits in the gaps between her teeth.


fatmammycat said...


finn said...

young love...

Theo said...

[starts to say something]
[stalls out completely]



finn said...

[the definition of which, for the edification of others, does not appear here.]