Tuesday, February 07, 2006

cats, according to google

google knows way too much about me. gmail. google local. google deskbar and google maps. google me and google you. google 'til my face is blue. and soon google talk may coax me into IM, at which point i'll become a totally unproductive human being.

i do, however, question the gmail algorithm that generates the sponsored links in the right-gutter. wiser asked me if i was racing columbia; google provided me w/Hooters coupons. E addressed many things: hangovers, dogs & cats, breadmakers and warm weather; google provided a ton of cat-related links, including

  • Cat declawing
  • Sticky paws (a declawing alternative)
  • Pet urine remover recipe
  • Cat urine removal secrets
  • Cat urine behavior
  • Why friendly cats attack
i gather from this that cats
  • have dangerous claws that should be removed
  • release copious amounts of urine, which "behaves" in some fashion
  • attack, even if deemed "friendly"
  • may be stinky
this is pretty much in keeping with my personal experience, though google glossed over the hairballs, puking and 3am caterwauling episodes.

thank you google.

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