Tuesday, February 10, 2009

like a lemming, tweeting for the very first time

now that i'm sosh'n'shit i'm finding it hard to write in sentences, so if you'd like you can follow me on twitter. meow.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

The Recession: It's Personal Now, part 2

a recent round of pruning at MyCo released our Social Media Maven, and guess who's been fingered as his replacement. YAH because i'm so social, bitches. now in addition to my own responsibilities (refilling the printer paper, plunging the toilet and other stuff), i'm trying to get up to speed on business models that piggyback off social networking, or someshit. in my travels i found this video: How Trent Reznor and NIN represent the future of the music business. it's a 15min presentation, which is about 60x my attention span, but give it a whirl. even if you're not a nails fan you gotta give TR props for mad business acumen after the presenter shows how reznor made 750,00USD in 30hrs with music he was basically giving away for free. there's also good stuff about CwF, or Connecting with Fans, or "sosh" as we call it here because we are really that cool. apparently.

back to my research. have you heard about this thing called Facebook??

[on a Pimp My Fellow Bloggers note, Twenty Major's 2nd book, Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow Fonder, is available now-ish. and speaking of books, Undertow has got me by the nads. really i think i was made to just stay home and read books.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The Recession: It's Personal Now

so everyone who was in the GM job bank's now on the dole, Macy's stores are closing and michael phelps is too poor to buy his own dope. i could live with all that. but to be greeted by this on a sunday afternoon is totally unconscionable:

obama, quit dicking around and DO something.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

tuesday on the failwhale

windoze is crap.
and Stinky Tuna Man i have no great love for you either.

i require them.

is an internet connection
too much to ask?

Friday, January 23, 2009

hope, hype and lat pulldowns

the phrase "president obama" hasn't lost its luster. hearing it is like someone dropping a warm blanket over me when i didn't realise 'til then that i was cold. don't get me wrong -- i didn't drink the koolaid and i'd be happy with "president hufflepuff" or "president whickyclickclickwhirratweet"... anything that's not "president bush." but how lovely to have a president who can speak, who doesn't elevate the lowest common denominator. watching tuesday's inauguration speech was like reading dickens again after 8years of jonathan kellerman.

teho quipped "morale, it matters," and he's spot on. if obama's administration could accomplish 2 things i'd call it a Win:
1. give us a reason to think we don't suck for being american
2. stop thinking the rest of the world is like us, and just dying to be a democracy.

if all 3 snorgoyles could kick off in the next 4 years that'd be awesome too, but icing on the cake, my man.

'tis friday; bitch session w/E on the calendar. i am anxious to see if he thinks i've gotten any huge-r since we last rode.
- i've been lifting! - i proclaimed as we toiled up a long landenberg hill. can you tell?
he surveyed me doubtfully.
- ummm keep at it - he answered.
black tights minimise, you know.

but i had to go and open my big yapper to F too, and he probed my shoulders & biceps while i flexed valiantly.
- you're shaking - he chuckled.
- i just lifted this morning! - i protested.
- it's okay - he said soothingly. girls aren't supposed to have muscles.

not in afghanistan maybe, but i'm american bitch. and that might MEAN something now.

aside: Fresh Air on tuesday aired terry gross' interview with iconographer & street artist shepard fairey, remarkably well-spoken for a dude who's been arrested 14 times. give it a listen.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Poetry for Short Days and Sub-Zero Temps

one more day on the trainer
and i may go insaner.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

can you find the 44th president??

loucypher wondered if his 11-year old daughter appreciated the historic importance of this day.
- do you know what today is, annie? why it's so important for our country?
- cos a man from delaware will be in the white house?
das what i'm sayin'.

cokie roberts mused on Morning Edition how this peacefully staged transfer of power, literally from the hands of the outgoing POTUS into the new, is unique to this country. john adams was one of the few outgoing leaders who bailed on on the inauguration -- he slunk out of town the night before his rival thomas jefferson assumed power.

in situations like these, the whackjobs will inevitably surface. this weekend i waited for 15min in a checkout line at EMS as the woman in front of me racked up over $1200 in freeze-dried food and a 2-person tent. making small talk while scanning the 50th bag of Mountain House beef stroganoff, the cashier asked the woman where she was camping. in her backyard, turns out. why?? because she's convinced bush will not cede the presidency and instead will declare a state of emergency and put us all under military rule while he crushes the obama insurgency. our lady of perpetual stroganoff plans to hunker down in that tent with her 10yo german shepherd and stendhal's The Red and the Black which she's always wanted to read.

i'm all for a long sit with a good read but let's hope our lady's off her weetabix and in 3hrs we begin to wipe away the shit of the last 8 years. and the bees come back.