Tuesday, January 31, 2006

tempus fugit

my 2006 USAT card came today. USAT's finally going the way of USCF: your racing age for the year is your age on 12/31. okay.

imagine my surprise, though, to learn that -- according to USA Triathlon -- i have aged almost a decade in the past year, for my mem'ship card states my racing age as 46. look out, master bi-atches!!

MA takes on PhD

i canNOT bitch about my job, ever, when i can leave at 2pm on a shorts day in Jan and be on the bike by 3. making six figs a year might be nice but it could never offer the therapeutic value of yesterday's ride with E, for whom i have even more respect since learning he once caught a raccoon in a garbage can. that's awesome.

-- yeah, it was kind of a weird raccoon. it let me poke it with a stick -- in a nice way i mean.
-- that is weird. usually they're such furtive creatures.
-- there you go again. furtive? i'll look that one up when i get home. f-u-r-t-i-v-e?
-- *abashed*. uh-huh... means they have fur, E.

i don't know what they're teaching kids in those PhD programs anymore. raccoon-trapping, perhaps.

the j-dog got his tooth shard yanked w/o incident. he was woozily distraught when i brought him home, but he slept well. we both did, though not long enough.

A says my breaststroke kick might be legal now. huzzah! this is not to say it's not still fucked up in many ways, but at least it's no longer a bizarro form of fly kick that'll get me DQd. have discovered, though, that there's an inverse relationship between my fly & breast: when one improves, the other declines precipitously. my future as an IM'r looks dim.

Monday, January 30, 2006

world's first facial transplant

this is a great seed for a novel. suicidal chick ODs, her dog chews up her face, she pulls through and undergoes the world's first face transplant -- and the donor is another suicidal chick. this has chuck palahniuk writ all over it. cronenberg makes the movie.

have to go to the vet tonight cos poor J split one of his upper molars in two, all the way up to the gumline. he looks a little distressed when it's bleeding heavily, but otherwise he's a total trooper. you can bet that if i split a tooth in two, the whole world would know about it ... and be expected to HELP me somehow.

makes me wonder if humans are relatively wimpy cos we can actually communicate & express pain. if i couldn't bitch about something, would it hurt less? or more?
appropriated from The Sunday Times

Friday, January 27, 2006

stupid, stupid absence

everything is NOT right where it belongs, dammit.

(-->more chocolate.)

rejection. on a friday. harsh.

dissage from BV, who says he can't fit in the spain trip between cycling in italy in april and a fishing trip in key west in june. pisser. anyone wanna go to spain with me? i need something to hold on to, besides race after race after race.

o wait i forgot:


aktually i didn't forget. but i anticipate such pure post-partum distress after that weekend that i'll need a huge carrot to keep me moving forward. spain w/C & co is a good candidate. big-time carousing i'm shure.

thorpe says he's retiring after beijing. i gotta tape the shit out of that olympics.

thanks to woot, i'm stepping into the dig camera age.

my company's rebranding, so we're vetting new name suggestions. so far i like GFY Media.

-- so, who do you work for?
-- GFY Media.
-- what's GFY stand for?
-- go fuck yourself.
-- no, what's it stand for?
-- i heard you the first time.

good, good possibilities.

Thursday, January 26, 2006


holy shit it is cold in this building. i have 2 -- TWO -- space heaters running under my desk and my feeties are still little blocks of ice. 'course if i were Girl enough to blow dry my hair before coming to work, i might not suffer so much. but that seems like a waste of precious time.

A and i did a timed 500yds in the pool today. don't have any past 500 times to compare against, but i did the 1st 400 5sec faster than my best 400yd time. 100 splits were 1:22 -- 1:25 -- 1:28 -- 1:25 -- 1:25. got sleepy on the 3rd one. ended up with a 7:05. think i could have gone under 7min if i'd been paying attention to laps, and if i'd had 4 scoops of ice cream w/my pound cake last night, instead of only 3.

USAT mid-atlantic announced its all-regional teams this week. i made the du team. i don't really know what this means, but it's cool.

kinda thinking about worlds this year. australia. thorpe. yum.

life is good.

my hair looks ridiculous. now re-considering the blow-drying thing.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

update to yesterday: Errant Blueberry dislodged about an hour into my ride yesterday. whew. that was a close one.

what inspires a fox to bark? and more importantly, what inspires a fox to bark RIGHT OUTSIDE MY BEDROOM WINDOW half an hour before my alarm rings, therefore insuring i won't get my REM back?

short snippet this morning on npr about the GOP arming to fight roe vs. wade. go ahead, fuckers. tear yer party in twain. cos i can't imagine repubs agreeing on whether to repeal the whole darn thing or just knock off a couple chips they find particularly troublesome (like partial birth abortions, 3rd trimester, etc.); but maybe that's just wishful thinking.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

when i was eating breakfast this morning, i sneezed and now i have a dried blueberry up my nose.

this presents a dilemma: which is the best means of blueberry egress -- nostril or gullet? i've tried both, and now the fucker's firmly lodged somewhere in the continent of my cheekbone & ocular region.

i'm kinda scared it's going to swell up like that time i ate too much stove-top stuffing and felt like the stay-puft marshmallow man, except this will only be in my nose. i guess when it gets to that point when i blow my nose blue will come out.

might be cool.

Monday, January 23, 2006

what do i love?? i love it when you stay late at work for a client and then the client's late. or doesn't show. that shows a great respect for my time.

well, at least it's rainy and cold outside. if it were a beautiful day i'd be raging right now.

Friday, January 20, 2006

it's january 20th and i'm sitting at work with the window open, wearing a camisole. where the fuck is winter??

last year i was XC skiing, bitching about not being able to ride on icy, salty roads and now i can ride in shorts so i'm bitching about that.

i love my job. for reals.