Tuesday, February 28, 2006

happy fasnacht day

i should be gorging on donuts to my heart's content -- for the lean days will follow, ya catholic nutters! -- but alas. instead, Shrove Tues finds me scrounging through the Litter Box, my efforts netting a moldy pear and a very crushed bag of sour cream & onion chips.

signs, in the front yard:

sign of springsign of the dog

my company's navel-gazing branding efforts continue. one of our creative strategists just emerged from another interminable session to announce that he'd prefer an enema to another branding meeting. at least then what'd come out would have some substance to it, he reasoned.

whatever Sick took me on last week is gradually releasing its nefarious hold. mayhap i can give Queen T a run for her money tonight. but probably not. /

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