Wednesday, February 01, 2006

on being american. or not.

confession: i didn't watch the State of the Union address. i know from tough experience that exposure to any speech of bush's gets me so exercised that i cannot calm down for hours. so i opted for sleep. i'll get the gist of it from the Daily Show tonight.

speaking of which, god bless jon stewart for his spot-on comparison of
the deceptions wrought by the bush administration vs. those wrought by james frey. watching oprah's eyes well up with tears as she took frey to task for "fabrication" got me almost as exercised as the state of the union. i mean, who the fuck cares whether lilly committed suicide by hanging herself or cutting her wrists?? does it make that much of a difference? if you're reading such a sensationalist, manipulative "memoir" what do you care about truth vs. fabrication?? for fuck's sake, go read something real, like Invisible Man or One True Thing. or The Lorax.

this is reald and i are going to orlando this weekend. if it sounds bizarro, it is. orlando sits rock-bottom of my Places I'd Like to Visit list, just above tikrit and fallujah. but my company decided to have its xmas party (always in feb, natch) in universal studios this year, so they're flying us down there and putting us up fri and sat. it's gotta be a huge tax write-off or something cos we can't even afford to buy desks for people.

but it'll be an adventure, and for a couple days i will feel like a real amurican. the kind that tunes into American Idol, eats crappy processed food and gets weepy cos some dude named frey lied about some stuff in some books he wrote. WTFever.

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