Wednesday, March 15, 2006


T-dog's job search continues:

[IL]: so. i went on a bartending interview yesterday
[DE]: uh-oh....
[IL]: and the guy thought he was eminem -- and he told me that all that mattered when hiring was that the girl could speak the language and that she looked good.
[IL]: that was what the interview was.
[IL]: he looked at me asked me how to pronounce my name -- made sure i could speak the language and that was the end of it.
[IL]: what the??$#$@#
[DE]: ha
[DE]: so did you get the job?
[DE]: seems easy enough
[IL]: i don't know. they said they'd call me back.
[IL]: so if they call me back i'm going to feel like a piece of meat. and if they don't call me back i'm going to feel ugly.
[IL]: bastards :-)
[DE]: lol

things must be tough in chicago.

late client meeting yesterday had me dashing from work straight to the track. at each red light i went through another stage of undress/re-dress, a process momentarily halted when i found myself stopped behind a car with a bumper sticker that read I Love Squirrels. WTF?? why? they're evil, and i could write a tome about their nefarious nature but at the moment i have this at hand:
Route 116: Squirrel caushes crash.



fatmammycat said...

Stupid Squirrels, rats with big tails.

finn said...

indeed, FMC. an avid gardener and grower of fruit trees, my grandfather waged a long war against squirrels. he's gone and they're still around.

i am still bitter about this.