Wednesday, March 22, 2006

excretions manual and automatic

Chunky Yellow-Chartreuse Mucous is still the norm, but i am fighting valiantly now that i have antibodies... antioxidants... WTF do i mean... ANTIBIOTICS on my side. i am sick of being Sick.

this, and twenty's snot rocket tale remind me of my halycon college days when, in the oakenshield's dining hall, muck, tuddybear and gintz made me laugh so i hard i threw up my dinner. this wasn't a snarf or snorgle; it was the full 9 yards: the cod, the potatoes, the salad -- all pooling on the tray in front of me.

to my then-boyfriend's eternal credit, he did not run screaming from the table; nor did he pitch my skanky ass. instead, he spread a dispenser's worth of napkins on top of the mess and we sent it down the conveyer belt to the dishwashers...

to you erstwhile work-study dishwashing folk in the oakenshield's kitchen, i do apologise.


Theo said...

College cafeteria hijinx... ah the memories... did you ever make "lava lamps" by dropping the little cubes of multicolored Jell-O into Mountain Dew and/or Sprite? Our caf had these ugly fat stemmed glasses, which made them easy to illuminate with a mini-Maglite. The bubbles kept the Jell-O bobbing slowly up and down. I can't remember anybody ever spewing one, though.

This was tame stuff, of course. There's plenty I'll keep to myself. Look up "Antioch College" in Yellow Springs, OH for fun sometime.

finn said...

you weren't by any chance stoned out of yer skull while contemplating your lava lamps, were you??

watching dust motes drift in a beam of sunlight is hours of (cheap) entertainment too....

btw CU = Cute University.