Wednesday, March 29, 2006

MS Orifice 2007

in this preview of the the Office update, we humble users (read: Teh PWNed) are introduced to the updated UI, which is all about results-oriented functionality. honky toolbars and menus have been replaced by The Ribbon, which is supposed to show you in real-time what effects select options will wreak upon your doc.

i wonder if it will show me how all my bullets will disappear when i bold this one word on page 37?

i do like the idea of results-oriented, on-the-fly chit, and it seems to run right alongside this age of rapid prototyping. but i like the idea of open office even more.

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Theo said...

Hey, don't forget AbiWord; it's supposed to be even simpler without being totally crippled. I'm an fan too, tho.