Monday, March 06, 2006


FINA masters swimming worlds are at stanford this august. some seed standards (p25) for my AG:
5o fr: 36.5
100 fr: 1:20
200 fr: 2:53
400 fr: 6:00
50 back: 43.5
100 back: 1:36
50 fly: 40

what's crazy is that i could do this. i'd be last, but i could do it.

after a weekend of doing absolutely nothing, and being cranky as fuck about it, i finally got off my ass and swam this morning. there's nothing like Sick to make you feel old, frail and frumpy, and a spell in the water helped. i feel less frumpy, and my snot's less yellow.

speaking of frumpy, eddie van halen's seen better days. yoikes.

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