Friday, April 28, 2006


another crappy swim this morning, following a crappy run yesterday. suddenly, i inhabit another person's body, with alien form and rhythm. no i'm not retaining water fuck you very much.

such instability may be addressed with more caffeine. i make the first pot of ass coffee, double-packet strong, cos if you're gonna drink ass, it might as well be bracing ass. this time i man the machine to insure i do not brew a pot all over the counter, as i'm wont to do on friday mornings. i beep, whistle & hum like R2-D2.

kel's disembodied voice drifts up to me.

-- finn, what are you humming?
we rewinds, reflects.
-- umm, the doorbell?
-- that's what i thought. are you okay?
-- depends. did you bring me rum balls?

i like our doorbell. it's chimey and shit, just like mcgraw tower; and it's seductively hummable.

e defended his thesis yesterday. he may be sober enough to ride this afternoon.


fatmammycat said...

Toots, you might just need a little rest for another few days, you are clearly tired. Rest, pasta, more reading, some baths, no cats. Back to it next Monday.
Anyway, have a lovely weekend.

finn said...

we rest when we're dead, FMC.

i did invent a new cocktail though. that was relaxing.