Wednesday, April 05, 2006

neil gaiman drives a mini

ugh. still trying to catch up on the sleep i lost over the weekend. but i'm FINALLY healthy again and done with the antibiotics that made me dizzy and forgetful (ALWAYS blame the drugs). i'm hardly prepared for saturday's race, however: haven't yet put on the aero bars, and my re-rimmed zipps are tucked away in some corner, still w/o tubes or tires. i probably will not qualify for worlds, i may be spanked unmercifully and/or i may just not race, period.

i did, however, have a gratifying track workout last night. queen T was not in attendance, so i ran on my own, knocking out 15 quarters @ 5K pace w/100m recovery. if nothing else, my pacing is solid; with only a couple exceptions, i ran straight 1:30s, and i felt grand. not too hard; not too easy.

saul williams' black stacey has been kicking around in my head for days. so damn catchy. big props to TR for putting him on the bill, and to saul for playing to a bunch of white kids in black t-shirts.

oh, and tambourines are hawt.

march left like a lion -- there's a blizzard of snow outside. it's awesome. joolieboolie says she loves spring: "there's magic around every corner." well fuck that. i prefer cold and snow, hibernation and death. temporary death.

speaking of joolieboolie, here are some things you might not know about neil gaiman.

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