Wednesday, May 24, 2006


this weekend the somnolence of (s)lower delaware was disturbed by protests triggered by a marine's funeral in seaford, where cpl cory parker was laid to rest after his humvee was blown up outside fallujah.

were the protestors calling for peace?
nope, they're followers of some asshole minister from westboro baptist church in kansas. the church believes god's killing soldiers in iraq because He's pissed about gays in the military. "we have given God the finger," one chuch member explained, "now we are suffering God's wrath." protestors' signs announced "fags doom nations" and "god hates fags."

apparently god's pretty PO'd in general, though, because checking out the group's website,, links to the following mini-sites:

Smell The Brimstone
God Hates America
God Hates Fags
Priests Rape Boys
God Hates Canada
God Hates Sweden

WTF did sweden do?? canada i can understand, what with bilking american pharma companies out of brazillions of dollars as consumers find better deals on cialis & ambien over the border. but sweden?

oh, okay. it's all about:

The popinjay King of Sweden - a moral titmouse in the plumage of a peacock, who lives lavishly with his lazy, horny kids on Sweden's largest social security check - is King of Fags, King of Zoophiles, King of Pedophiles, and King of Incestuous Perverts.
that makes sense now. and the flamey, brimstoney header is total street cred.

there's another funeral in seaford today, for another iraqi casualty. minister phelps and his craven followers are expected to show.

in my world they'd be torn apart by dogs.


Theo said...

I imagine that wheelchairs, crutches & prosthetic limbs could be serviceable blunt instruments.

God hates fags, but loves egregious assholes? Riiiiiight.

I've heard about organized biker groups whose purpose is to shield military funerals from these wackos. I kinda picture Guardian Angels on Harleys with black armbands.

finn said...

okay -- first bludgeoned by wheelchairs, crutches & prosthetic limbs and THEN torn apart by dogs, while bikers jeer.

t, you're always good for adding flavah.

(and i don't doubt that you'll find a way to work popinjay or moral titmouse into conversation today.)