Thursday, June 08, 2006

not playing in the World Cup?? might as well drink.

have fantasies of dominating the pitch like ronaldinho, only to be haunted & taunted by your athletic inadequacies? then join your compeers in a binge drinking session. a recent british study of men's health & masculinity concludes that rowdy, drunken behavior of football fans is an attempt to assuage their feelings of inadequacy.

the study insinuates that young men who don't play soccer or other contact sports may seek that "tough guy" feeling by downing a six-pack or two during the game, while good sportsmen said that they were able to resist pressure to drink or drink excessively.

i guess that makes me an inadequate, bad sport.

OTOH, i had another butterfly moment today. "forget the kick," my coach said, "and just let your legs drag behind. the kick will come naturally, when you lead with your chest." eureka! my timing clicked and i got on top of the pull instead of flailing to catch up with it. when it's on, fly is very very good, when it's off, it's awful. it also occasions comments from this, from passionate designer-boy wallace: "that's it! i'm gonna start lifting. i'm sick of you walking around here with guns bigger than mine are."

FWIW, my ass is bigger too.

speaking of guns, nails in town next week for 4 shows: DC, camden, holmdel & jones beach. there is so much life to live.


fatmammycat said...

You can do both, watch other teams AND drink, set up a pool like us nerds did with money on the winner and runners up. Ireland didn't qualify, you see, takes the pressure off.

finn said...

an excellent idea. who's your money on, FMC? lemme guess -- ESP? or is yer gunners' recent defeat still too fresh in the mind...