Friday, June 30, 2006

will there even be a Tour?

beloki, mancebo, sevilla, scarponi, ULLRICH and ~50 others -- all booted from the Tour as a result of Operation Puerto. the prologue is tomorrow. this morning, ullrich, sevilla and rudy pevenage were sitting in the team bus, on their way to a meet & greet, when they were informed of their suspensions. that's harsh way to start your day.

this is a bigger clusterfuck than the Festina scandal of '99. and one of the lovely ironies is that david millar's one of the few cyclists on form and still eligible to ride.

meanwhile, it looks like a lot of people might have been wrong about lance, myself included. a shame that this will reflect upon the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

the hamstring is still bad. much unhappiness this morning, but at least it's friday.

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fatmammycat said...

What's happening with Lance Armstrong? Is there evidence of wrong doing?