Monday, July 24, 2006

countdown to corner brook, pt 4

thanks for all the good wishes for my race. it's this saturday, the 29th, and here's the info. i should be going off at 9am.

"should" i say because on saturday i tweaked my hammie again while doing some fartleks. i wasn't doing anything outrageous, running maybe 7:30 mile pace, when i felt a frisson of badness in my semitendinosus. 10sec later everything seized up and i hobbled home -- quickly, because i didn't want to be late for J's wedding.

it hurts to walk now. rudy will weigh in this afternoon. all i want now is a clear path forward. i'm tired of babying this injury and, on every run, wondering when/if the shit will hit the fan. if i need to take 12 weeks off running to heal this (like you said at the very first, FMC), sobeit.

meanwhile i will have a great time in newfoundland with D and my folks. there's not much else i could have done or can do.

i'm flying out tomorrow, returning next tues.



Theo said...

If I could email ya a new hamstring...

fatmammycat said...

Wishing you all the best Sweeetie and and hoping it all holds up! Have a great time.

fatmammycat said...

Are you back? How did it go?

fatmammycat said...

Tuesday? Sleeping?

Theo said...

Muthafukkin Hello Cookie

(OK, so it's a little misleading. Skim down through the comments, though.)