Thursday, July 06, 2006

the damage so far

my pulled hamstring has resulted in physiological, psychological and financial trauma. and by financial i'm not even talking about the extra massages or PT visits to address the physical manifestations. i'm talking shopping as a coping mech, pure & simple.

before last week, i hadn't bought a new bra in about 6 years. if you've driven by my house when my laundry's on the line, you know some of my underwear's hanging together by a thread.

now, thanks to a sudden surfeit of free time (what to do after work, before cocktails?), i am this much richer (or poorer depending on your accounting):

  • 4 bras (so comfterbles)
  • 8 panties
  • 2 running shorts (for when i can run again)
  • 2 running tops (one very very red. o i luvs it.)
  • 2 pairs of jeans
  • 1 pair cargo pants
  • 2 tops which fit perfectly
i need to stop now before i end up in shoe stores.

am hoping to sneak in today or tomorrow to see rudy, renowned repairer of busted hamstrings and erstwhile PT for the US soccer team. after taking 5 days off running and the bike, i tried to run on tuesday. it took one step for the hamstring to become a Factor and 90sec for it to seize entirely, putting a considerable damper on the fireworks that evening.

must get better. the Morsel and i have a running date on sunday. if he knew what nefarious designs i have upon his person he would not be so eager....

worlds are still up in the air.


Theo said...

"i need to stop now before i end up in shoe stores."

Yes indeed...

finn said...

i laughed so hard i burped up my plum.

now i want pie AND a flaming hulahoop.

and shoes

fatmammycat said...

Darn it, what the hell is wrong with shoe stores? That is where I spent most of today.
On another note, rest the damn hamstring. My friend Tim snapped his a few weeks ago playing soccer, no tackle, no running, he just put his foot out, over stretched and ping snap scream! He had to have surgery to stretch it back down and re-attach it, physio, he's been on crutches for weeks now and he is still nervous to put full weight on it, even though the physio is beginning to insist he use one crutch. The point my stupid rambling has is this, a week or two more of resting compared to weeks and weeks of damage if you don' is a no brainer, and really honey, shoes ain't that bad.

finn said...

thank you for the advice, ms cat, and you're abs right: soccer is a v dangerous endeavor. i saw that scouser rooney put his cleats into that poor man's nads and between that and your hamstring story you can be sure i am content come sunday to lounge on my sofer and let others take up the cause. up ZZ!