Monday, July 03, 2006

"we need dirty dirty girls"

Snakes on a Plane booty call in LA (from craigslist):

Snakes On A Plane Music Video Needs Booty Girls!!!!

We need dirty dirty girls who want to shake their asses in our video. Are you one? Do you know one?

Become part of Pop-Culture History!!!

The official video for Captain Ahab's Snakes on the Brain, featured in the film "Snakes on A Plane" will be filming next weekend and we are in need of BOOTY GIRLS. If you've got junk in the trunk and think you've got what it takes to shake on camera, Hit us up!!!!

Extras are also Welcome!!!!!

1 day shoot 3-6 hours --Sun. 07/09

possibly 2days--Sat. 07/08

Booty Girls/Babes will provide own wardrobe. suggestions:
• Bikinis preferably metallic, but any bikini or bikini top will do
• Sunglasses (locs, gangsta shades)
• Thong Underwear
• Weird hip hop tops
• Butt shorts
• Ball caps
• Lip liner make up
• Stripper Shoes
• Bling (gold chains and shit! $ signs!)
• No green! No Brand Name LOGOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Independant Production

Send Headshot or something close.
Meal, Cred, Copy
no nudity guaranteed!!!

in other words, skinny white bitches need not apply.

my ass is substantial, but not that substantial.

speaking of the SKB, if you've not checked out geoffrey chaucer's blog, a great intro is his Interview wyth Parys, of the Lyf Symple.

finally, read ulysses along with me a page a day. if i'd had my act together i'd have started on bloomsday, but back then i was happy and didn't need to drown my sorrows in literature (instead of riding & running this weekend, i was reduced to reading. urk.) Heap Big Revelation: drinking really doesn't make it better (a lesson i'll have purged by friday).


Theo said... Friday?

finn said...

mmm, maybe thursday. thanks to aluminum baking pans, my memory isn't wot it used to be.

[t.o where on *earth* do you find this stuff? yr mom obv used corningware.]

fatmammycat said...

Ulysses? Oh Lord Finn, good luck to ya. Booty shakin' aside, how is the injury? Feeling better?

Theo said...

Heh. [eyebrow wiggle]
Booty girls, anyone?

finn said...

i want pie.