Wednesday, August 16, 2006

another race report from corner brook

MF badasseshere's someone else's take on du worlds -- in this case, elizabeth fedofsky, who won the women's race. SHE is a true MF badass. you would never catch me self-psyching in a porta-john. in fact, my last pre-race trip to the pooper was notable because at the top of the dump-pile was a huge mound of pellets the size of my dog's kibble. it looked like a herd of deer had filed in and taken craps. what the hell do you eat the night before to generate that? certainly not a hurricane-sized margarita and vegetable stir-fry.

maybe i would have placed better if i'd spent more time visualising my race strategy instead of staring at a pile of shit. but then i'd be somebody else.


Teoh said...

"To see du worlds in a grain of sand..."

Teoh said...

...or something.

finn said...

MOUSE TURD, mouse turd, black on white
Left on my TPS last night,
What small-footed power-that-be
Could frame this turd and pool of pee?

Theo said...

Quoth the raven... never mind.

fatmammycat said...

You really need to stop feeding those cats of yours for a while.

finn said...

that's a swell idea, cat. it'd be quite a cost saving too -- a 16-lb bag of Special Hairball Formula costs more than a 50-lb bag of Purina Dog Chow -- esp irritating when 2 of the cats just puke it back up anyway.

OTOH, the cats are even more annoying when they're hungry.