Monday, August 28, 2006

back to reality

little mousie little mousie
you do not make me want to walk like a camel
but your death dismays me
especially since it happened right by my litterbox,
where i keep all my food
because you and your starving masses
eat my stuff and then poop it all over my desk.

my keyboard keys are probably dried-up urine pools.

remember that time you got in my litterbox
and ate my crisps and chocolate and kiwi fruit?

you finished my box of Nutty Flax
but i didn't know
because you left so much poop in the box
that i thought it was cereal until i shook it over my yogurt.
how you must have laffed and laffed!

o funny mouse!
stay away from my house or you'll end up in the warshing machine.


Theo said...

You could always try sonic bombardment. It's probably quite an effective vermin-repelling technique.

The first proof of NC2 is in my car's CD player right now, and so far the first 3/4ths has sounded good.

Welcome back. Still got sand in your shoes? (No, that's NOT on the new mix.)

finn said...

It's probably quite an effective vermin-repelling technique.

another Cat Divestment idea! beauty. cos, the snapping turtles in the pond so far aren't cooperating.

does NC2 have Dead Souls? (the upbeat version, o'course.) i should have made a push for that before.

Theo said...


Hmm, you're telling me there's some upbeat Joy Division loose in the world? Something's not right. Can't put my finger on it. I'll get it, though, just hang loose for a sec...

[ahem] Anyway--no, NC2 is dorkier than that. I'll look into it, though.

[remembers something]

Oh wait, you mean there's an uptempo remix of THIS someplace? Where??

finn said...

in my pants.

(it's infantile humor day in FinnLand.)

the NIN take _is_ the upbeat version, silly. it's best live though.

i might have a couple mp3s. :)

Theo said...

[stern expression]