Wednesday, August 09, 2006

workin' for the man

fatmammycat's observations tickled me more than usual today. i don't like working with people either. so, do i like my job? (yes.) why?

let me numberate some ways.

Reasons Why My Job is a Pretty Good Despite the Fact it Depends on People, not Puppydogs (for instance) or Meerkats or Swimming Butterfly

  • flex-time. i'm usually the first to arrive and first to leave. *i* make the first pot of ass coffee.
  • my co-workers make me laugh.
  • they don't mind my tourette's
  • or the fact that i'm a human jukebox
  • or that i attract mice
  • and meow a lot.
  • we get free lunches on MWF.
  • i can wear cargo shorts and an awitha teetha tour tee.
  • i've got administrator rights on my box.
  • my bosses appear to respect me.
  • when i get in the car to drive home i'm leaving work behind.
  • if i worked at home i'd probably just masturbate all day.
so that is that.

i hope you're all celebrating World Breastfeeding Week.


Heto said...

4 tha Man

fatmammycat said...

Hah, snarf, and what would be wrong with that? That t-shirt is too fricking cute for words.

finn said...

i totally thought of you when i saw it, cat. i'd make the crown-hat red tho.

heto, pumpin' 4 tha man is like pissing up a rope.