Wednesday, September 27, 2006

our differences bind us

[13:27] [finn]: so i spose u r not up for tues nite track tonite?
[13:28] [F]: i was just going to talk to you about that....i can run this week, but it won't be today
[13:28] [F]: i need to get used to it
[13:28] [finn]: warrior heart.
[13:28] [finn]: is u.

[13:28] [F]: i worked out sunday and the results weren't good
[13:29] [F]: so i'm trying to easily get into it w/o fainting
[13:30] [F]: u get used to it
[13:30] [finn]: whatev.
[13:30] [F]: see before it wasn't that bad bc we cud break our fast like 5
[13:30] [F]: now it's 6:50
[13:30] [F]: every year it's earlier
[13:30] [finn]: sundown gets earlier?
[13:30] [F]: no like every year ramadan is pushed up by like 2 or 3 weeks
[13:31] [F]: so soon it'll be in the summer
[13:31] [F]: that means the days are much longer
[13:31] [finn]: oh...what marks the start?
[13:31] [F]: so you have to fast longer
[13:33] [F]:'s complicated i've never really understood it
[13:33] [finn]: like easter
[13:33] [F]: it's like when you see the ninth moon of the islamic calendar
[13:33] [F]: yeah like easter
[13:34] [finn]: dude, fasting in the summer will be even HARSHER.
[13:34] [F]: i know...but it'll make me stronger
[13:34] [F]: :-)
[13:35] [finn]: yeah, you look stronger already.
[13:35] [F]: i'll be running in the 100 degree weather w/o food or water in me
[13:35] [finn]: and fainting.
[13:35] [F]: and then i'll never sweat
[13:35] [finn]: and die
[13:35] [F]: lol
[13:36] [F]: i'll get used to it, it's all mental
[13:36] [F]: so when u wanna run this week?
[13:36] [finn]: whenever your ass wont faint on me.
[13:36] [F]: lol
[13:36] [F]: wanna go tom.?
[13:37] [F]: i'll hydrate real well tonight
[13:37] [finn]: w/beer?
[13:39] [F]: lol
[13:39] [F]: i can't drink for a month
[13:39] [finn]: oh god, it just gets worse & worse.
[13:40] [finn]: F, i luv ya & all, but i think you're a nutjob.

[13:40] [finn]: but i still respect u.

[13:40] [finn]: just want to make that cleer.

[13:58] [F]: lol...y do you think i am a nutjob?
[14:00] [finn]: cos you can do things way beyond my ken.
[14:00] [finn]: rly, i am just jealous cos i do not hv Warrior Heart.

[14:00] [finn]: and if i dont eat, or drink or sweat i will die

[14:00] [finn]: or be v cranky.

[14:01] [F]: lol....this is good for me finn, trust helps me be more disciplined
[14:01] [finn]: i can respect that.
[14:01] [finn]: as long as yr ass dont faint on me.

[14:01] [F]: i won't.....nothing will change in our workout schedule
[14:02] [F]: i'm still racing in november
[14:02] [finn]: kay.
[14:02] [finn]: mb we run tom then.

[14:44] [F]: u know, u r a warrior
[14:44] [finn]: not really.
[14:44] [finn]: unless warriors drown their stress in choc & whiskey.

[14:45] [F]: yum
[14:45] [finn]: NONE FOR YOU.
[14:45] [finn]: SUFFER, WARRIOR.

[14:45] [F]: i can still have chocolate
[14:45] [finn]: when it's dark.
[14:45] [finn]: uv got a ways to go.

[14:46] [F]: ur beggin for a spankin:-P
[14:47] [finn]: i see hunger hasnt dulled yr brainpower.
[14:47] [finn]: yet.


Theo said...

That is all.

finn said...

yooza pickin' up what ima puttin' down.

t-minus-65 min.

addon said...

you are a pair of nuts. thank goodness.


Theo said...

Following that logic, would that make you... E.T., the Extra Testicle?