Thursday, September 07, 2006


WHY is it that sometimes PMS ain no big thang, and other times i want to bite the heads off babies??


fatmammycat said...

Jellybabies, you need jellybabies, STAT! I doubt your all that mean, my sister Etheline however gets so bad animals sense danger and flee from her very sight. When we were kids she once flung the business end of a kitchen knife at me hard enough to stick in the kitchen door. And yet I got in trouble for 'tormenting her' ( my mother) and all she got was two Anadin and a hot water bottle.

Theo said...

Oh dear; I need some translation here... let's see:

Jellybabies = Dr. Who for "gummi bears" (?)
Etheline = most hopefully not short for "Polly..."
Anadin = Advil/ibuprofen (?)
hot water bottle = Godiva chocolate I close?

finn said...

cat, did you ever consider that's just the way etheline is, and that PMS has nought to do with it??

meanwhile, my belly is so bloated it precedes me.

consider yourself lucky, theo. penis indeed hee fucking hee.

fatmammycat said...

Ya almost got it Theo, 'cept Etheline is my preppy, yoga doing older sister and a hot watter bottle is a well...a ruber bottle you fill with hot water and stick in you bead to heat it up, or palce on sore bloated stomachs to ease cramping.
Jesus, I"m off out now to go look at that terrible house again.
later Ducky, be well.

fatmammycat said...

you bead= your bed, I'm awfully sorry, I was in a terrible rush and I am a frightfully bad typist at the best of time.

finn said...

FMC, how was the house??