Wednesday, September 06, 2006

sine metu

from yesterday's associated press:

ORLANDO, Florida - A missing runner was rescued from a Florida swamp after spending four days stuck in the muck with only the waist-deep swamp water to drink. His first request: some good, old-fashioned drinking water. more.
FUCK THAT. if i get stuck in a swamp with biting insects and stinky mud for even an HOUR there had better be jamesons in my near future post-rescue. and after four days, there better be goddam laphroaig.

that is the problem with old people. they do not exercise sound judgement.

water. feh.

but hurrah! good news to report. yesterday afternoon i went for my first run since worlds, over a month ago. sure it was raining and i had to run on the roads during rush hour because the trails were a soggy mess, but i ran almost 4 miles and it felt wonderful.

i didn't know just how cramped and curtailed my stride'd become since that first hamstring tear in june, but now that rudy's ironed out the muscle fibers so they're running smooth and straight, running is pleasurable again. not perfect -- piriformis is a bit crankly -- but certainly this morning is much brighter than yesterday's, bright enough to celebrate with my own pot of ass coffee and 2 handfuls of dark chocolate m&ms. b-fast of champs.


fatmammycat said...

I'd be hitting the rum and eating a steak the size of my cat if that was me.

Theo said...

OK, we know where you could go, following FMC's comment, there. But you're bigger than that, Finn. Right?
(Of course I'm right.)

finn said...


but i'm glad to see we're thinking along the same lines.

Theo said...

Hee hee.

Subhangi said...


Dark chocolate M&Ms ....


Wups. Gotta take my vitamins.