Tuesday, September 12, 2006

skinny models banned

citing a responsibility to the impressionable yoot of the world, madrid has banned excessively thin models from its fashion week runways. onsite doctors will measure models' Body Mass Index and turn away anyone with a BMI under 18.

this action begs some questions:

  • is it really possible to discriminate against skinny chicks, as modeling agencies are yowling?
  • will designers have to re-size their collections to fit normal bodies?
  • will clothes that look ridiculous on conventional models look twice as ridiculous on "normal weight" bodies?
  • what time is lunch?
finally, would you make the BMI cut? here's a calculator (with metric & US tabs). i am In Like Finn. this may be MY only shot at the catwalk, folks.

i'm too sexy for my mice...


fatmammycat said...

I'm trying to find the tears I need for them poor skinny rich girls. I rilly rilly am.
20.8 on the BMI, which I happen to think is a load of poo as some of the bigger guy in my gym would be considered obese and there ain't a fat square inch on their bodies.

finn said...

you're right FMC -- BMI does skew tall, muscular people (like me: 22.9) toward the end of the gamut. to achieve a value under 18, you've gotta be a biafran child, or a supermodel.

FWIW, with a BMI of 26, Our Glorious Leader's out of the "normal" weight category. while i'd call him many things, overweight's not one of 'em.

finn said...

here's the proper link.