Monday, October 30, 2006

someone take these dreams away

my parents' neighbor walt died last week. i'd say walt suffered from alzheimers for the last couple years but that's not really accurate: rather, his wife pat suffered from walt's worsening condition. he refused to give up the car, and a couple times a month pat would have find and escort him because he'd forget how to get home. the house became too big for them and though pat wanted to move she knew that was impossible because walt couldn't cope with the change. whomever bought their house would have to deal with the familiar scenario of walt trying to use his old key on the new door.

pat returned from work last wednesday to find walt peaceful in his chair. the night before he died, she said she woke to an empty bed. walt was pacing from window to window, peering out each one.

-- walt, what are you doing -- his wife asked gently.

he looked at her, stricken.

-- someone keeps calling me.


Theo said...

You are a writer, y'know.

Subhangi said...

Totally agree with Theo on that.

fatmammycat said...

That is very spooky indeed. Poor old dear. I hope he is at peace.

addon said...

wow, wonderful finn, i came out in goosebumps .... will we recognise the end??

poor guy, poor wife.


finn said...

i guess one of the silver linings of dementia is that it makes for good stories. ima just writing what i know...but thanks.