Friday, November 17, 2006

warming up with the gods

you can't be a runner in this town without hearing of vicki huber. after dominating at villanova and competing in 2 Olympics (in the 1500 and 3000m), vicki returned to her hometown and married the guy who holds her ITB and plantar fasciitis at bay, that miracle of miraculosity, sir andrew of rudawski, AKA rudy. officially, vicki's retired now, but she does show at the occasional race so that we mortals, as FMC so eloquently encapsulated, can fart along in her beautiful etheral wake though it be not quite as ethereal as the steeplechaser's but perhaps as a woman i'm slightly biased.

vicki's a friend & ex-roommate of my massage therapist denise, who's a gifted runner herself and one of the kindest, most grounded people i've met. by extension i'd grafted those qualities onto vicki, whom i hardly know.

2 weeks ago vicki, ML and i were warming up before the winterthur 5K. vicki had some trepidation about the footing, which was a little hillocky in places, but whatdya expect from XC?? -however vicki's had some bad experiences with precarious footing, and she told me and ML about spraining her ankle running in the dark the night before junior nationals.

-- so the next morning, i had my ankle taped and i went to the start line and my coach was FURIOUS.

-- furious? why?

-- because he thought that in my competitors' eyes it was a sign of weakness.

i considered this for a second. there was some merit.

-- well, could you have worn tall socks or something?

vicki fixed me with a steely gaze.

-- please. i didn't want to look like a DORK.

no indeed.

dorkus malorkus wishing you a fine frivolous weekend. bottoms up.

[how'd the story end? vicki bonked 200m before the line and got passed by half a dozen girls who may or may not have had questionable fashion sense.]


Anonymous said...

Weird shit. Good story, but weird shit all the same.
I actually had monetarily confused Vicki with the much married Mary Decker Tabb Whatever whomever whenever...
Guess I'm giving myself away as a non-athlete, non-runner.
thanks for indulging my gossipy curiousity-

fatmammycat said...

Sensible lasses. I'd rather be a dork anyday of the week than injured.
Anyhoo, it is finally beer o'clock. Have a delightful weekend Miss Finn, may you gallop into the sun set, High ho and awayyyy...

Anonymous said...

gee finn the minutiae in the life of these wacky communities is soooo fascinating!

seriously! keep it coming. it is very interesting. i am beginning to need a regular fix.