Wednesday, January 17, 2007

7 hours

F's uncle is under the knife. he's down at Johns Hopkins having open-heart surgery.

- can you watch it? - i asked F, the would-be doc. he looked at me like i were mad.

- no, i wouldn't want to. not someone that i care about. besides, the surgery's 7 hours.

7 hours?!? that's longer than some relationships i've had. in fact, there's not a helluva lot i can do for 7 hours straight. even the workday gets broken up by lunch and, since i don't smoke, union-enforced p0rn breaks. i can't even sleep that long, unless some kind of sedative's involved.

what i might be able to do for that seeming eternity is:

  • drive, though i'd probably have to pee once or twice
  • race (part of) an Ironman. i did a half-ironman in 5 hours, and that was fine, because you're doing 3 different things so time passes quickly
  • play Silent Hill 4, or some other decent survival-horror game -- which might not be all that different from performing surgery although i trust the Hopkins surgeons aren't using gatling guns.
what could you do for 7 hours?


Theo said...

Well, since I know your mind's in the gutter, not that. Driving, sure (7 hours is nothing). Gaming, sure. Sleeping, sure. LotR DVD marathon, naturally. Lots of stuff, in fact... just not that.

Theo said...

Oh... [ahem] and best of luck & fortunes with the surgery.

finn said...

for 7 hours straight though? i love orlando bloom as much as the next chick, but i couldn't sit still for that long, not even for him.

as for that, well, you'd need a break to stock the glycogen shelves to be sure.

thanks for the good wishes. uncle should be done in the next hour, though he'll be out for another 5 before he's pulled out of anesthesia. like letting the turkey settle after you pull it from the oven, maybe.

fatmammycat said...

Sleep, read, watch movies, watch Nero Wolfe, shop, drink booze...I'm a great believer in all in.

fatmammycat said...

How did the operation go?

finn said...

surgery went according to plan -- the only wrinkle was some infection around artificial valves nazir has from a prev operation. he's sposed to come out of anesthesia - what an invention! - this aft, so fingers r crossed.

thx for asking.

fatmammycat said...

"anesthesia" except no muthafuckin' subsitute.