Tuesday, January 02, 2007

baby got back

after a month of excess which came to a fearsome head the last week of december (i did not drink that entire bottle of Jameson by myself in 3 nights, did i? the cats must have taken a nip now & then, yes?), i finally slunk back to the pool this morning, after getting ZERO sleep last night because the idea of going back to work was just too terrible to bear; and i kept waking every half-hour. oh the horror.

sure it was nice to get back in the water. but befuddlement arrived during the 300yds of fly kick i usually do after my warm-up. why, i wondered, did i keep rising to the water's surface, rendering that dolphin movement utterly ineffectual?

the sad truth, people, is that i gained 6 pounds in december. my ass is now a Red Cross-certified floatation device, and it's destroyed my butterfly. blasted!!

i hope you all had lovely holidays.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear of your sleep problems. I'm dealing with some December excess myself.

Theo said...

Woke up at 0300 today myself, lay awake for probably an hour, finally went & sifted through a crapload of backlogged "What's Cuter?" photo submissions. MF work. [vomiting noises] ...OK, I didn't really barf. But I did wake up at ridarkulous AM.

No doubt your snorgoyles have been pinching your booze for years. 'Splains a bit.

Holidays were good, though. Welcome back!

finn said...

sifted through a crapload of backlogged "What's Cuter?" photo submissions
MF work

oh teho. cry me a river woncha. :)
and riddle me this -- why must the snorgoyles pinch my whiskey while leaving untouched the bottle of calvados that's been there forever? (it sounded good in theory -- yummy, apples!! -- but in fact it's quite vile.)

kath, i trust you've packed away the screeching carol monster by now...

Anonymous said...

Actually, the screech machine is stil out, but Mayra has lost her fascination with it. She decided after Christmas was over and done with that it was fun, and I am having a devil of a time trying to explain to her that Santa isn't coming back until next year.

Theo said...

LOL. No, "What's Cuter" != MF work (even though it is pretty tedious). The latter was supposed to refer to coming back to teh Day Job after more than a week of vaca, and at first I was going to clarify, but it was funnier left alone.

There's no accounting for the tastes of cats. The love mint but hate chocolate, and that's just for polite starters.

Subhangi said...

I kept waking every half-hour. oh the horror.

Brrrr .... tell me all about it! The EXACT same thing happens to me when I have to get back to work after a vacation. Ruins my sleep. GAH.

Anyhoo, welcome back!

finn said...

and last night was only negligibly better, subh. it makes one wonder, doesn't it, how much better off we'd be without work and school (and pool!) and their strident demands that we be here, then.

how much happier we'd be if we could sleep when and as long as we'd like. why o why is Independently Wealthy wasted on paris hilton?

kath, good luck. maybe you could get mayra focused on the easter bunny, or the Anniversary of the Constitution, which my day planner tells me is Feb 5th. that's when thomas jefferson brings us presents like state's rights, agragrianism and separation of church & state. fun for a 2-year-old!!

and they love the taste of their bungholes, teho. u neednt b polite.