Monday, January 22, 2007

observations, and action

  1. it's monday
  2. monday *morning*.
  3. i'm hungover
  4. and gloomy.
  5. i fucking don't feel like working.
  6. i've had that bloc party prayer song in my head going on 4 hours.
what could possibly help?? how about maxim's top 10 horror movie deaths? no dandying about with shitty dialogue and extraneous plot detail -- it's straight to the tasty stuff. the eye-popping lucio fulci makes the cut (hur), as do tom savini's zombies and julia's resurrection in Hellraiser 2. good times. but no dario argento??

there's a reason "sanguinity" is made up of cheer, and blood. i feel better already. let me outshine the moon.


Theo said...

Here... a little hair o' the dog might help.

finn said...

a pet shop owner in the southern Dutch town of Zelhem, created a beer for her Weimaraners made from beef extract and malt.

if ever a breed needed a pint, it's a Weimeraner.

Theo said...

Somebody over at CO just suggested Schnauzer Brau, too. Clearly, this thing's reaching critical mass... or is it the Tipsy Point?

finn said...

for some, perhaps. the J-dog has different tastes...