Thursday, January 11, 2007

training 'em early

- you know why i love my wife? - loucypher asked me.

i totally know. she let him play "Damn it feels good to be a gangsta" during the entrance to their wedding reception. she bought him High Tension for christmas and watched it with him. she has her own wireless controller for the 360, and she hates squirrels. what's not to love? but i played along.

- why do you love your wife.

- because she's reading this animal book to aidan and when she gets to the cat part, she says "the cat says meow" and then adds "cats. uuuuuuuuugh" and aidan loves it. he laughs and laughs and tries to say "ugh."

right on. i might consider having kids if i knew i could exert such a positive influence.

so we asked jimba, who's been excommunicated to the first floor, if he'd feel like a part of our clique again if he could look at us all on camera whenever he felt lonesome. he needed no time to consider. no, he responded, actually i think i'd feel really creepy.

"creepy" seems to be the adjective of choice in this discussion.


Johnny Yen said...

I'm LOL at that one-- my wife watched "Office Space", one of my favorite movies, together. That song is featured in it prominently.

At our wedding last year, a friend's daughter played "She'll Be Coming Around the Mountain" on violin.

Johnny Yen said...

Make that "my wife and I." Duh.

finn said...

gaze and drool, johnny. how jealous are YOU. or you have one too maybe. probably you do, and it's bigger.

i just read anne tyler's Digging to America, which is about 2 american families who adopt korean infants. every year they get together to have a Arrival Party, to celebrate the children's arrival in the states, and "She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain" is the theme song.

did a couple little korean girls show up at your wedding?

addon said...

wedding? i suppose we had one but that's a long time ago ...

finn said...

surely you have PICTURES, adam? surely you had a barky photographer (for you could not do both, be groom and historian) whom you paid the big bucks to fashion an album of memories?

or did you elope and utter vows on a rocky ledge still wet from the fleeing tide, just the 2 of you and a witness.

addon said...

finn, yeah, got a few pics of my first marriage. the second was after a few years of living together, we got hitched in a registry office, only witness was some official who got roped in. oh, and my wife's kids. no pics.