Thursday, January 04, 2007

where have all the aphorisms gone?

as i lugged my junk up yet another landenberg hill yesterday afternoon, the creaking in my knees vying with my bottom bracket’s, i shifted down a gear and thought haste makes waste, you poncy bird in the bush.

which got me to thinking: when was the last time someone coined a good aphorism that stuck? seems like we as a civilisation blew our wad with benjamin franklin, and since then no one’s come close, either in quantity or quality. is aphorism-ing (not to be confused with jism-ing) a lost art? has the prevalence of texting and chat turned our language so utilitarian and flat that we now lack the wit to pack a complex truth in a half-dozen words? or has everything worthwhile already been packed?

the most recent solid job i can come up with is mcluhan’s the medium is the message, with pigface's the temple walls are made of flesh a distant second.

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