Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Dead Boyz Don't Scream...

...because male models should be seen, not heard.

Dead Boyz Don't Scream is a funny, sexy thrill ride through the dark side of male modeling filled with gratuitous nudity, politically incorrect violence and lesbians with guns!

ImpossiblyCuteStr8Boy and GayArtDirector weigh in:

[12:28] ICSB: when does it come out
[12:28] ICSB: we'll go see it together
[12:28] GAD: you wouldn't even see brokeback
[12:29] GAD: and that had no nudity in it at all
[12:29] ICSB: brokeback mountain was fake
[12:29] ICSB: this seems real
[12:29] GAD: ah, ok

i keeps you in the l00p.


Brown Suga' said...

Nice plugging.

Pun intended.

addon said...

that's me on the right!

finn said...

subh - ROFL.

adam - wow was i off. i totally had you pegged as daniel craig.

Theo said...

No, that was me.

finn said...

i think you're having me on. i cannot imagine you with a poker face.

Theo said...

Point conceded. (fucking Texas Hold 'Em retcon... brazen heresy, that was...)