Tuesday, February 27, 2007

new telly

what it is:

  • - a 40-inch XBR Sony with 1080 resolution
what it isn't:
  • - capable of displaying HD channels because we cannot get HD channels (i've since learned) because the fucking forest i live in obstructs access to the extra satellites required for HD transmission.
does this matter?
  • - to me? not really. it's still twice the size of the old TV.
i broke it in this weekend watching Boondock Saints for the 9th time, and then i pulled the Closure VHS from the dusty archives. i'd forgotten about this gem: "something i can never have," circa '94, with danny lohner loosing a tear in the intro. is that terribly perfect, or am i just premenstrooally-moony? the first 40sec are the highlight; i don't expect you not to get bored after that.

oh my, yes. VERY moony.


Oberon said...

......the dead zone.....great movie.

finn said...

are you suggesting that christopher walken will come and hook me up with net access, and maybe HD TV too? cos, that would be awesome.

it was a good book too.

Brown Suga' said...

whoa great vid indeed.