Tuesday, February 13, 2007

world press photo contest winners

kind of a suck week, so don't expect to do much posting. major performing monkey pitches thurs & friday, and a member of the Mr. Lonelyhearts club is occupying my office @ home indefinitely, so there's little opportunity for writing. does love fucking suck, or what.

did want to get this out there, though, esp for adam the photog: the finalists of the 2007 World Press Photo Contest. it's all there: dancing, disfigurement, death & sports. no anna nicole smith; this is the real stuff.

soldier on, champs.


Mayrasmom said...

Real stuff indeed, really cool shit.
So here's a shocker-
What I was an art major in college (concentration in photography), this is what I would have wanted to do with my life. Alas, I was a weenie and didn't have the guts to go for it.
I think Yoga is my true calling, so eventually things worked out for the best.

finn said...

i hope we get more than one true calling. you're more than yogini, more than mayra's mom, more than fence-master and while you have the luxury of it, there is always Time.

which was your fave of the contest winners? i couldn't decide because they were all so different.

fatmammycat said...

Rough week ducks? At least you have the new TV +couch to lounge on when you get home of an evening. I am deskless!
Some very disturbing photos there, especially the shot of the childrens' bodies in the morgue.

addon said...


thanks so much for the link, such powerful images ... so much bad stuff. makes my lakes and beaches look tame. thank goodness, i guess.

photography is such a punchy medium in these guys' hands ...


finn said...

we need your beaches & lakes to balance the babies in the morgue, adam. else we'd be a very glum race indeed.

new sofa is lovely, FMC; TV arrives today, and in 2 weeks i will be somewhere else. :)

must focus.
more ass coffee and m&ms would help, surely...

addon said...


a more tranquil scene ...