Wednesday, March 21, 2007

the Not-Pretend People

last night i returned to the track after almost a year's lay-off to find the same Tuesday Nite Irregulars. i don't think they ever age.

- hi, my name's jim fischer. nice to meet you - quipped coach, then hugged me.
- i'm glad you're back - JG admitted - the humor's been far too sophisticated. we need you to bring it back down to potty level.
- nice bitch slap you gave me when you passed me with 2 to go at CR - sniped hen.
and AJ, rider of the Stealth, commented - heard you got a new bike. mine's still faster.

it felt good to be back with da homies, and i slept like a rock.

on another note, looks like my plot to hone in on the anna nicole fortune may be scuttled should this dude twig to me as one of the Pretend People. i think i dated him, said GAD.


Theo said...

Here's a big YAY for you... and for the video, something idiotically obvious that happens to rhyme. Awesome.

finn said...

teho you're back! did you bring sunshine? beer? psilocybian?

(and ooh ooh i know... it's PRAY, right?)

Brown Suga' said...

Good luck and w00t for getting back on track!