Friday, April 13, 2007

absurdist friday

animal-flavoured fun in honor of the vonnegut:

[was 50, now a shitload of] animals in casts. the embiggened pic shows this little guy to be in a doctor's office or something. i figure the receptionists who have to deal with shitty insurance companies all day took their frustrations out on him and jury-rigged this preposterous tube made of paper towels, snow fencing and zip-ties. after all the patients leave they probably dangle him over the trashcan and make him shred old records.

moving on, we've got some Pony Play action. alas, the "My Sexy Pony" vid link is broke, but there are some inspiring photos to fire your crafty imaginations.

did you know there are companies purely devoted to serving your Pony Play needs?? look at all these things you can buy! what a fun basement and workshop. these people may live right next door to you! neat!

huzzah, it's the hamster-Powered Paper Shredder! at first i thought there might be a good possibility for a spin-off Hamster-Powered Cat Shredder until i realised the point of this is sustainable living: the hamster works the shredder which provides the bedding for the hamster that works the shredder... ingenious!

oh, and the 2nd comment is the best. evar.

finally, danny lohner and a rabbit.

just because.

play safe this weekend, kids.


Brown Suga' said...

Whoa. 'Tis Freaky Friday already!

fatmammycat said...

Poor old Jack, he's a walking marshmallow. Love that collie.

addon said...

thanks finn, The Water Hole Custom Leather Inc. was particularly useful have set up an account, got all your details from "someone" for a fee .. you might notice some unusual entries on your bank statement ...

Brown Suga' said...

Aaargh ... am annoyed that DLo looks like Brad Pitt in the video, though.

finn said...

FMC: so do i.

adam: what makes you think those charges will be "unusual"??

suga': yeah, it's a curse.