Friday, April 20, 2007

it don't mean nothin'

33 dead at VA Tech on monday --> today a national day of mourning, one minute silence @ noon, americans asked to wear maroon & orange in honor of & solidarity with those fallen.

one car bomb kills 140 people in baghdad on wednesday --> business as usual.


fatmammycat said...

There's a national day of mourning? Wow. I feel sorry for the families of the kids, I do, I can't imagine what they're going through. If something happened to the TLGK I would be insane, but this is going way over the top.

finn said...

"way over the top" is how we roll.

Theo said...

I don't agree that "it don't mean nothin". I do agree that it matters more to People-In-Generals whenever it happens to "us" rather than "them", which sucks, but there it is.

I picked up the new LCD Soundsystem last night, along with Year Zero. Really mixed album, though; some of it is good, some's awesome (like NA Scum), but then some tracks are just un-listen-able.

Theo said...

(Oh, and I haven't listened to Year Zero yet... that's for tonight's commute.)

finn said...

agree w/you on SoS -- it is v uneven, but the good stuff is supercatchy.

interested in your opinion of Y0. every nails album has grown on me slowly, and this one's no exception. right now am enamored of "the warning" and its bass/lead guitar line.

part of my point was that iraq is happening to us. seems we're largely desensitised to that sitch, yet we contort ourselves in a paroxysm of grief over VT -- and we want more: more coverage, more analysis, more interviews, more emotion. i wonder whether there's any transference going on here.

yes, it's the worst shooting in american history, but how many am troops have died in iraq? 3300??

Mayrasmom said...

I'm politically incorrect enough to admit I'm already tired of all the VT stuff. Not sure why. It must be horrible for people directly affected by it, but for me it's just one more crazy inexplicable event in this insane world we live in.

Theo said...

Year Zero so far:


Brown Suga' said...

I've got only six tracks from Year Zero though I've got a load of NIN. How many tracks am I missing?