Wednesday, April 11, 2007

i love nappy-headed ho's

unless you live under a rock or outside the U.S., you've been exposed to the uproar triggered by don imus's comment about the rutger's women's basketball team.

D and i got in a heated debate about this last night. D thinks imus is a whacked, racist, misogynist nutjob who deserves the drubbing he's receiving in the vox pop.

- that's just stupid - i spat. i'm cranky, sleep-deprived and on the cusp of sick. chills rack my body every so often and i took the afternoon off so i haven't had my PM endorphin fix... and i had a crappy AM swim because i have no lung power right now. i am just ITCHING for a fight, i mean debate. - that's dumb. oh wait, my Tolerance Training says i should phrase that as a question. how could people be so fucking dumb?

- he called the whole team a bunch of nappy-headed ho's. you think that's okay?

- he's don fucking imus. that's his PERSONA. he says shit like that because people listen to him because they expect him to say shit like that.

- he basically called the team a bunch of whores. that's what a ho is. a whore.

- are you that literal? you think the only person you can call "bro" is your brother? ho is just slang -- pejorative slang, sure -- for a woman.

- a ho is a whore. he called the whole team whores.

i throw up my hands.

at the root of this communication chasm is the fact that D works with a bunch of little old ladies who ply him with baked goods, while the group of degenerates i work with includes

-- a boss who answers to fuckchop
-- the GAD who calls himself a faggot
-- an afgangsta who posed with a box-cutter for the end-of-the-year slideshow
-- the earth mother who doesn't mind being called an opium whore
and last of all,
-- loucypher, who yesterday laughed at a moaning man in burger king, then realised the dude had down's syndrome. but what, you think it's not funny anymore then? - he argued - it's still fucking funny.

so i acknowledge that my perspective may be too lax, that i'm encouraging intolerance -- or at least not discouraging it.

i still believe, though, that the uproar triggered is hugely disproportionate to the comment itself. i do have sympathy for the rutgers women, but i also think that in their lives they've endured and persevered over more adversity than a generic, off-hand remark such as imus's.

am i just being naive here?


Mayrasmom said...

I dunno, I thought Imus was an a-hole before, and don't think no different of him now.
I think things get blown out of proportion on a regular basis these days.
Basically what should matter is what the Rutgers players want done about the situation

finn said...

i agree that the players should be the judge & jury, but i think their response can't help but be influenced by the public hue & cry. at this point, they have no choice but to respond, because every network's jamming a mike in front of their faces asking, "what does it feel like to be called a nappy-headed ho?"

in this way, the news teams aren't any better than imus, IMO. fuck CNN, and fuck FOX. i hate television.

Mayrasmom said...

Yeah, you're right, the media is making it worse for the players. I think I saw a blip of one saying she felt scarred for life by this, now that's horrible that she thinks the words of a total butt wipe can scar her for life. Another player said they were slated to have a meeting with Imus but that it would be private. Sadly, giveit a day or two and everyone will get their undies in a bundle over something else...

fatmammycat said...

He's a stupid cunt and I'm delighted they're dragging his arse across the coals. Now, post more pictures of Carrot Top this instant! mmmm gingerpubetacular

Mayrasmom said...

You are triggering some bad visuals for me-
cancel clear cancel clear-

fatmammycat said...

Har! Then I want you to add oil to that image, imagine a glistening carrot top, his boucy curls, his freckly buttocks jiggling freely in the cool air, the glow of his rosebud nipples, his shaved and stubbly arms, eee- urgh, I'll be back.

finn said...

back from WHAT.

(thanks kath, i thought it was just me.)

fatmammycat said...

The gym, the gym, I had to run off my feverish ginger lust/horror.

finn said...

sure, The Gym.

round here we call it Taking the Lotion into the Bathroom.

fatmammycat said...

snarf, for hot shaved gingerosity, bleeee and snarf.

Anonymous said...

It sounds to me, finn, like you agree with Jason Whitlock.

finn said...

to some extent, yes, but i'm not sold on whitlock's argument that (one of) the real evil(s) is the rap/hip-hop culture. he's just replacing one strawman with another.

the real problem IMO is our habit of playing the victim. it's always someone else's fault, never our responsibility.

thx for the link.