Friday, April 06, 2007

not-so-good friday

- will you be here tomorrow? - the mayor asked emma yesterday. she shot him down quickly.

- um, no? it's good friday.

- a good day to WORK! - the mayor chortled.

a good day to be grumpy as fuck, is my take on it. the only thing worse than going to work on a holiday is
-- going because you have to be a performing monkey
-- performing for high-profile, uber-duly-diligent prospective client
-- swallowing your suspicion said prospect is just toying with you, as they've done for the past 6 years
-- summoning the enthusiasm to begin performing at 3pm, 'til ...?

who the fuck schedules a meeting at 3pm on good friday?? a company you don't want as a client, that's for sure. penisfuckcuntsuckgash.

i hope you're all at home hiding easter eggs. save me the black jelly beans please.


Theo said...

You could always just treat yourself to a ditch day, head outside for the afternoon, party down all night, touch up your resumé over the weekend, and line up some interviews bright & early Monday.

Doesn't that sound fabulous?

fatmammycat said...

I am cracking open beer three as I type, about to watch 'Ghost Rider' (snarf) And I'm a a bit pink of face due to the sun. Most excellent. Although I do do do feel sorry for you and the whole work thingie, but mostly I just feel pretty darn pleased about today.

addon said...

ha finn that's 'cos you are so good everybody needs you ...