Wednesday, April 04, 2007

assorted whimsy

some random picks from the week:

-- pix from the LCD Soundsystem show in NYC. they sure don't resemble their sound.

-- all our clients are hopped up on the idea of Web 2.0. whatever. this is the best implementation of social networking i've seen so far: the Stick Figures in Peril flickr group.

-- also flickr'd: adam's new 365 days project, which reminds me of christa wolf's just-published One Day a Year: 1960-2000, a diary of 40 years of september 27ths, a project that wolf says was "a preventive measure against forgetting," which i can grok totally.

-- and lest we forget about the whole chocolate jesus thing, here's westolowski's take on art, religion and genitals. he maketh the coca-cola to exiteth my nose and appeareth on my monitors. if you head over there, ask him how he voted in the last presidential election cos i want to know but am afraid to ask.

-- finally, an inside look at the offices of some NYC notables: martha stewart, michael bloomberg, paul rudnick & others. do you see yourself in here?


Theo said...

re: "they sure don't resemble their sound" -- same could be said for the Chemical Brothers, or Nirvana, or Beethoven. (Whee! How's THAT for a rogue's gallery?)

finn said...

point taken.
it's strange (& refreshing) to see musicians who're not sexed up.

speaking of sexed up, and rogues, have you heard loudon wainwright's version of "the good ship venus"?

jesus it should be friday but it's far from it.

fatmammycat said...

It's close enough. Due to holy stuff, tomorrow is the last working day of the week. Awesome holy stuff.