Thursday, April 19, 2007


apparently there is $$$ in the IT coffers, for Inscrutable Chinese Man approached me with a deal.

- we can get you a new computer sooner than i thought. start looking and let me know what you want. i think you have two options: either a very nice laptop or a mediocre laptop plus an okay desktop.

right now i have a mediocre e-machine, so either option's an improvement. but a nice laptop might roll me into the twentieth century by convincing me to get wireless net access at home so i could surf porn all day long instead of just at work. wouldn't that be balls. a nice laptop with a **17** inch screen, FMC.

- cool. i'll start looking at laptops. oh, and i can get a mac, right?

Chinese Man is no longer inscrutable. he is chewing on a lemon and someone's jammed a hot poker up his ass. he even reddens slightly, like he's just done a jaeger shot.

- you want a mac, you have a 200-dollar budget. 200 dollars. you understand?

chastened, i nod. ICM is the one reason we're no longer a mac shop.

so i'm torn between accepting a free, "nice" POS PC and basically paying out-of-pocket for a sweet Mac Pro. WWJD in this sitch? and would He shave His Head to join APC?


addon said...

fork out and get a mac if you want one finn, at least you can then enjoy all the stuff you do ....

fatmammycat said...

Phew, for a moment there I was all worried in case miss angry jealous FMC would raise her flaming head. 200 dollars limit? That's a bit shit is it not?

finn said...

rather. he's made his point.

"enjoy the stuff you do" is quite a concept, considering the amount of time i spend venting, frothing and combusting as a result of another stupid fucking windoze feature -- like the Passport ID prompt that kept popping up this morning when i was setting up my new .sig file. as a wise man once said, every time i use it, microsoft's ugly hunk of shit operating system manages to find new ways to make me want to take a dump on my pc and light it on fire.