Monday, April 23, 2007

yesterday was earth day

i did my best to extend my black mood through the weekend, but being an asshole makes you feel like such a heel when you're confronted by something like grocery bags hand-decorated by elementary school kids. i fucking love zingos. how awesome is this:

clene graas + clen wotrr --> hape pepol indeed.

i celebrated Earth Day by going on a 3-hour solo ride. i was feeling pretty hard-core coming back through landenberg on my bad-ass machine with 46 miles under my belt, when i cleanly fishtailed the turn at the bottom of flint hill, and began to hump it along the creek in an aero tuck. ahead of me were 3 kids taking up the road with their skateboards, doing tricks & flips.

they saw me approaching but didn't make a move to give me space. i got a derisive shrug instead, and all 3 seemed to bleed attitude. whatever.

but then we heard the sound of a motorcycle, and the boys' heads swivelled around to watch a dude bullet toward us on a crotchrocket. they moved aside with surprising alacrity and the kid who'd shrugged at me raised his hand and waved shyly as the dude busted by without even registering our presence. they watched him take a hard corner, mouths agape.

moral: in the bike version of rock-paper-scissors, the Ducati always takes the Fuji.


Theo said...

Sounds like you might need one of these. (And maybe a few of these?)

finn said...

aren't those these-s mutually exclusive??

Theo said...

Point taken. Flip a coin?

finn said...

okay. heads i get the bike.

Brown Suga' said...

OMG bikers. As a kid I loved Street Hawk but today it's just plain annoying when passing bikers try to flirt by revving up their bike motors. That fugawful VRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOM! grates on your nerve.