Tuesday, May 01, 2007

mac: because life is too short for shitty UI

i am in love. witness the simple little things:
the start-up chime. baby i am BACK.
-- the power cord snaps magnetically into the right socket

-- autodetects & instant connections to wifi networks and available printers

-- the finder issues split-second search results

-- with insufficient ambient light, the keyboard auto-backlights

-- the apple glow, o the glow. that is why i can't disguise it, kath. it'd be akin to dressing a jaguar like a ford escort, thus perpetrating a universal Wrong.
-- Hot Balls. you heard right. according to the GarageBand layered audio file, NIN's Capital G is a mix of Hot Balls, Drones, Crowd Greed and Shaker tracks, in addition to the standard Vocals, Bass, Drums, etc.

23 audio tracks comprise that song, compared with 10 on Me I'm Not. thanks,teho, and props to trent for releasing the layered files "as a reward for stealing Year Zero," and making them available via "torrents you certainly know how to use." heh.

it makes joy.


Mayrasmom said...

Then I guess I.C.M. will have a permanent red hot poker stuck in a painful place.

Theo said...

[teh grin]

fatmammycat said...

Oh we laughed, we laughed and rubbed our hands together, convert we cried, welcome home.

finn said...


there's no place like home.

Brown Suga' said...

Congrats again on the win and your current state of gizmosis ecstasis.