Thursday, May 24, 2007

Sam Millar has discriminating taste

if you're a fan of crime-noire novels you should check out declan burke's blog, Crime Always Pays. ken bruen gets constant ink there, for one thing. and burke regularly throws a standard question set to oirish noire luminaries and posts their responses to questions like What crime novel would you most like to have written? and Why does John Banville use a pseudonym for writing crime? the answers are sometimes illuminating and many times sardonic (those snarky crime writers you know...)

this week he interviews Sam Millar:

Q - The best Irish crime novel is …?
A - Anything by Maeve Binchy. I think all her books are a crime.

stick a "cunt" in there and he could be Twenty Major.


Twenty Major said...

Maeve Cunt?

finn said...

not very subtle, but it works.