Friday, May 11, 2007

wanted: Tool fan

woke up at 2am with LCD Soundsystem's north american scum banging around in my head. i wish there were an "off" switch for the musical jukebox in my head. barring that, i wish it offered up more variety. it would be nice, for instance, to wake up with mozart's serenade for winds or something.

stopped by the bike shop yesterday to pick up my new road bike, the one fuji offered up as a replacement for the one i done tore up. it's brushed silver, red & black, and it's upgraded to 10-speed.

2 brand new bikes and a LappleTM. jesus, can life get any better?? - wellllll, i could be seeing Tool in a month. oh wait, i am!! shaZAM. but since all my friends are from Planet Ghey, where they listen to Bright Eyes, Fall Out Boy and Death Cab for Cutie all day long, i can't find anyone who wants my extra ticket.

i figure, though, that rog at the bike shop is a shoe-in, based on the fact that he's hooked me up with APC and Tool bootlegs; he's got tats over half his body and is attacking the remaining half with a planned, phased offensive; and he's a veteran of white-trash mahem like Am-Jam. shoe-in, right?

-- hey rog, you wanna go see Tool in AC in june?

-- DUDE. when?
-- 2nd saturday of the month. like the 9th or 10th i think.

-- seriously? i'm gonna be in AC that weekend anyway. big tattoo conference. what, you can't go?

-- i have an extra ticket. floor, 19th row.
-- aw, no way. that's too close for me.

i stare at rog and, like always, have to struggle against the temptation to pass any object at hand through his earlobes. he's got lobe-rings that are about the diameter of your index finger, and every time i see him i want to stick stuff through those holes. i have the same fascination with F's Nike Shox running shoes. holes need filling. it's just a fact of nature.

-- too CLOSE?!? what are you, fucking 60? - he shakes his head.
-- my days of that shit are OVER.

the argument that he'll still let Bubba the Tat Artist stick him in the ribcage with needles for 20 hours goes unsaid. but he did get me to thinking. should i just grow up and start buying seats in the stands or, better yet, cultivate a taste for lucinda williams and shawn colvin?

i will think about it.
meanwhile, u want to see Tool u let me kno.

have a good weekend and happy MOTHER's day kath & AH.


fatmammycat said...

Never give in never grow old, and TM says holes are indeed for filling and queues are for getting in line or at least demanding to know what the hell everyone is doing? Must be a bright thing.
About the internal music, be happy, at least you don't wake up singing Jay-Z when hungover. I just don't get that at all. It's enough to turn a gal off the hooch.

Theo said...

NO FUCKING LUCINDA WILLIAMS. Might as well floss with a power grinder. Now, I can listen to Shawn Colvin on occasion, and have actually seen her live (she was at a Lilith Fair, ancient history) but she's not the best songwriter.

finn said...

okay shawn colvin is not soooooo bad, and i confess to having seen her soul-sistah dar williams in concert, several times, and there was no gun to my head. there is a time and place for everything i suppose.

right now is a time for massive amts of chocolate if anyone's taking orders.

FMC do you wake up with jay-z? is that why you quit drinking As Much?

fatmammycat said...

Jesus no, but '99 problem and the bitch ain't one' is bad enough. Shit if it was Jay-Z I'd only drink Absinth, may as well be in for a penny as in for a pound.

finn said...

is absinthe legal in ireland?

cos, all i need is just one more reason to pack up the dog and the bikes. you are the perfect drug fatcat.

have a good weekend. i out to ride with E-to-the-F. meow.

fatmammycat said...

T'aint legal, but I'm fond of the Barcelona cheapo flight, where it is most legal. Enjoy your ride, I'm off to watch Family Guy.