Wednesday, June 06, 2007

eyes on darfur

this morning amnesty international launched Eyes on Darfur, a site which uses satellite imaging to visually monitor certain villages in darfur. implicit is the threat that any untoward acts committed by the sudanese government will be shown in the satellite images. here, for ex, are photos of Bir Kedouas before and after militias tore through. huts you can make out in the "before" pic are gone in the "after," where blackened brush and vegetation dominate the shot. click either pic for the NPR story with embiggened photos.



the idea of using satellite surveillance to keep tabs on a brutal government's treatment of its citizens is problematic. on the one hand, it's an effective means of stirring public awareness and involvement; on the other, it smacks a bit of Big Brutha.



fatmammycat said...

Download Google Earth onto your Lapple and you can probably find your own building. Scary stuff.

finn said...

have you see this - the best urban images captured by the new Google Maps?

funny, yet creepy.

feeling better, dear?

fatmammycat said...

Not really, less hung over, more bunged up. But unless one of my lungs collapses I'm going tomorrow night. Oh and I have the latest B in my slightly sweaty hand. It looks terrific, if I do say so myself, my favourite thus far.

finn said...

congratulations! if it's the same as appears on your website it's well done indeed... but wait -- i note a suspicious resemblance. intentional??

fatmammycat said...

Like two peas in a pod.