Thursday, June 14, 2007

lolnin, WSJ's presidents, burritos, king of pensis, wellington grey

i am grown weary of my yapping as have you i'm sure. so here are pixlinx to Stuff:

Wellington Grey's miscellanea

(shouts 2 teho)

Fast Food: Ads vs. Reality
(McDonald's Sausage Breakfast Burrito pictured here)

From the Wall Street Journal --
How the Presidents Stack Up:
a look at U.S. presidents' job-approval ratings.
[i wonder if the WSJ will stop doing stuff like this when murdock takes over.]

i'm glad my email spam filter didn't catch this one:
things that are great about it:
-- the logic that says "somewhere else" = underneath a furry killer whale
-- furry killer whales LOL
-- her husband has a small PENSIS
-- kingofpenis makes me think of the police song, which is less annoying to hum for hours than holiday in cambodia, which FMC got me on at 6 this morning because that's where she went on vacation as a child. or didn't. none of this is true remember.


fatmammycat said...

Ahahaah, I'm so sending that to the yoga gal. She will not approve. I think approval is over rated any way.

finn said...

guess i should posted the pic of all those dead kittens after all.