Tuesday, July 17, 2007

reason number '/3412-0 why i love mac

iPhone ready-made wallpapers from nin.com.


addon said...

i wanna mac.

fatmammycat said...

I hava Mac, I want an iPhone. No wait, I don't...I do, but I don't. I-
Well fuck this for a game of tiddly-winks. You're ballsing up my radical honesty day.

finn said...

you do. honestly.

last night smack dab in the middle of Floor1 in the Sovereign Center i had my pick of 5 -- count 'em 5 -- wifi networks, 2 of which were open (non-passworded).

thx to my iScrotum, the internets are EVERYWHERE, and i could take concert pix and send them right to Dubs quicker than you can say "poodleturd."

to an earlier point of adam's, though, i have become dependent, one might say enslaved.