Tuesday, July 10, 2007

robbie mcewen pwns

the tour de france kicked off this weekend. at first D and i were all like snoozers cos there's no lance and now everybody knows that cyclists are a bunch of craven junkies but then sunday afternoon found us sitting on tenterhooks (v painful, are tenterhooks. like those things in Hellraiser) as we followed the drama of robbie mcewen.

robbie's one of the best sprinters in the peleton: his specialty is popping into the sprint out of freakin' nowhere with eye-tearing acceleration. in sunday's stage, he got caught in a crash 10K from the finish. tom boonen's and thor hushovd's teams got to the front and drilled the pace so that mcewen wouldn't be able to get back on, so their sprinters might have a fighting chance.

check this out. the last 20sec of the vid shows a slo-mo replay of the sprint -- watch how mcewen comes up on the outside right and rockets past some of the world's best sprinters even as they're topped out. props to your man, adam.

i'm bloody sore, btw. i really do feel like i ran a marathon this weekend.


fatmammycat said...

That's just unreal. The pocket rocket, heh.

Mayrasmom said...

Cheese and crackers, was that cycling, or greyhound racing?

finn said...

sprinters are a different breed altogether. i cannot even imagine the chances he took threading his way to the front of the pack. for a little guy mcewen's got some monster balls.

addon said...

finn. thanks for that, pretty good eh? we are not great followers of the bicycling sport but we are of sport generally and thank god we here in Oz have a great TV station that caters for those that want more news than some hoon in the 'burbs of sydney ramming an atm.

here's the page that the station, SBS, gives to the Tour. so we have been kept well up-to-date with mcewen's progress. (scots ancestry and an aussie you will note so obviously a winner. like me heh heh).

the other night SBS had a doco on him and he revealed that when these guys need to crap while in a section of the tour, they just stand up, let their team-mates guide them then "just relax". much much more than we wanted to know.

good going with your weekend btw, my hero!!

Brown Suga' said...

Wait, you did run a marathon. A duathlon, in fact. Wha?

Oh, and I'd send you the cheerleader video - if you don't mind cheerleaders looking like plump bellydancers in fancy dress. ;)

finn said...

subh, i don't mind at all. that sounds quite lovely in fact.

adam, many thx for the link. one can never have too much mcewen, and i love the Superman clip. i wish we had phone booths like that around here. i tried the pantry but nothing happened.